Term Life Insurance & Income Replacement

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The Beauty of Term Insurance is it allows you to buy a large amount of Life Insurance for a very small amount of money. Its a win-win for a family that is at risk of losing the primary breadwinner.
The Primary purpose of Term Insurance should be Income Replacement. In other words, keeping the Surviving members of a loved one out of the Poverty. In many households, there are two income earners. Both of them should be covered under a term life insurance policy. Separate Term Policies are best since adding someone to a policy can create its own problems with the death of the Primary Insured.
This Short Video explains the different types of Term Life Insurance including:
  1. Annual Renewable Term Life Insurance.
  2. 10 Year Term Life Insurance
  3. 20 Year Term Life Insurance
  4. 30 Year Term Life Insurance
  5. 40 Year Term Life Insurance

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Buying the Right Amount of Life Insurance for Income Replacement requires an experienced professional to do a Life Insurance Needs Analysis to determine:
  1. How Much Income Replacement is Needed
  2. How to Integrate Your Life Insurance with Social Security
  3. How to Select the right type of Term for your situation
  4. How to determine Amount of Insurance on all Family Members.
  5. Lowest Cost based on your budget
  6. Placement with the perfect Company


Fortunately, my hand-picked Professional is licensed with multiple top tier companies in all 50 states. He is not captive with any one company so he will find the best company for you!


FREE Term Life Insurance Needs Analysis Request
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Consultation Request Form
Request for Paid one-on one Consultation with Paul A Drockton M.A.
All of the above include a fact finding email to submit documents etc. They also include a post conference email with Summary of Recommendations,
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