Stock Market Basics: Determining a Stock’s Value

Understanding Stock Market Basics forms the Foundation for Understanding Everything else about money. Mutual Funds are based on Stocks and Bonds. So are Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs. Your 401K is built on Stock Market Investing. So is your Variable Life Insurance Policy or Variable Annuity.

In fact, much of what you personally understand about American Finance is built around Understanding the Stock Market.

In this Video, Paul A Drockton M.A., America’s #1 Financial Expert will explain Stock Market Basics. This includes the difference between common stock and preferred stock. It also includes how common stockholders control a company.

In Fact, common stock holders elect a Board of Directors who then elect a Board Chairman and Appoint a Chief Executive Officer. Preferred Stockholders have no voting rights.

He also explains how to value individual stocks using PE or Price to Earnings Ratio. Alpha compares one stock’s performance with a larger Index. Beta measures a stocks price volatility against a larger Index.  Alpha, Beta and Price to Earnings Ratio are all an important part of Stock Market Basics.

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