Financial Freedom Aptitude Survey

Welcome to your Financial Freedom Aptitude Survey. Note that this Survey is the Intellectual Property of Paul A Drockton M.A. and It May Not Be Reproduced or Replicated in Any Form or Fashion without specific written permission from Paul A Drockton M.A.

This Test is Designed to Predict the Probability of You Finding Success as a Network Marketer BEFORE you invest your Time and Money! We will contact you with your results and the score interpretation.

Full Name:
Whats App Phone Number (+Country Code)
Who Referred You?
Do You Consider Yourself a Leader or a Follower?
How Many People in the Last Day Have Come to You for a Solution to their Problems?
Which Organizations Do You Belong To? (Check All That Apply)
Do You Set Written Goals for Yourself?
What Matters Most to You?
Do You Know Anyone That is Successful as a Network Marketer?
When I Hear the Word MLM or Multi-Level Marketing I think the following:
(Choose All That Apply)
Before I Join a Network Marketing Company I Need to Know the Following FIRST: (Choose One)
I Think Sharing a Great Product With Friends and Family First is the Right Thing To Do!
I Think Its Important To Invest My Time and Money Towards My Success!
If a System Works, I Like to....
If I Had to Make a List with Phone Numbers of Everyone I know, I would have _____ of People on My List.
Its OK to Stretch the Truth to Get Someone to Do the Right Thing.
I Focus More on Others Success Than My Own
If I Find That Someone is Not Honest
Realistically I Believe That My Income Should Be...
When I Meet Someone That I Consider Successful...
How Do You Feel About Motivational Speakers?
Its Impossible to Make Really Good Money Without College
If You Knew You Found the Right Opportunity, but it Required Investment, What Would You Do?
How Much Television Do You Watch?
If Someone Gave Me $5,000 I would...
I Hate It When Someone I Know Approaches Me With a New Business Opportunity.
Failure is Always the Result of:
Almost Everything is Outside My Control
Right Now, What are you willing to invest in the Right Opportunity?
Right Now, I Can Commit This Much Time to An Opportunity I Believe In:
Are You Currently in Network Marketing?
If You are Currently in Network Marketing How Big is Your Downline?
Paul A Drockton M.A., the author of this Survey, has built a downline of over 118,000 distributors and is a Top Industry Earner. How Interested Are You in His Company Recommendations?
These Are the Primary roads to Financial Freedom with Residual Income, Which ONE Are You the Most Interested In?
Which Path to Financial Freedom are you MOST qualified for financially right now?
If You knew that Thousands of Men and Women first became Financially Independent Through Network Marketing and then moved into other investments, how likely are you join Paul's Network Marketing Opportunity?
Do you have the minimum investment to join Paul's Network Marketing Opportunity with him as your Mentor? ($150 USD Credit or Debit Card)

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