Your MLM Residual Income is Only as Good as Your Product!

Your MLM Residual Income Is ONLY as Good as your Product!

Consumption is how you get people to reorder your product. If it’s sitting out in the garage, or in a closet, it’s not being consumed. If it’s not being consumed, the client has no real reason to reorder. So, the question comes back to: “How good is your product”?

The measure of a product depends on the following:

  1. Availability: Can the client get your product elsewhere?

  1. Price: Can the client get a cheaper version of your product that has the same benefits?

  1. Affordability: How big a sacrifice will the client make to re-purchase your product?

MLM was built by Direct Sellers who thought that as long as new people joined their business they would continue to grow and prosper. They made the sale, then moved on to the next prospect. This is a failed business model that is a recipe for disaster in today’s world.

If you are not adding value to people’s lives through your product, you are adding hardship and disappointment. Not a very good way to sustain a business.

The question comes back to: How many testimonials do you get with your product????

Testimonials are the key to retention! No testimonial means no good reason to repurchase your product!

This is what I have learned:

  1. When 95% or more of your clients have a testimonial you are sitting on a residual income gold mine!
  2. When 50% of your product users have a testimonial you are sitting on an Opportunity. Of course you will have to bring in twice as many people to get the same results as the 95% Testimony Product, but it is possible.
  3. When 25% or less of your product users have a testimonial, you are sitting on a sweat equity company that is not worth your efforts! You will have to recruit 4 people with the hope that one renews! Not very encouraging for a new distributor!

Remember, in this business, to be the best you have to sell the best! Its that simple!

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