The Career Path of the Multi-Million Dollar Network Marketer

 The path to Multi-Millionaire Network Marketer is shorter than any other career, but it is still a career path. Here is how the “Great Ones” in the industry progress:

  1. Part-Time: Warren Buffet explained that most millionaires are made part-time! KEEP YOUR FULL-TIME JOB! At least, until you come close to replacing your income.

  1. Apprentice: As a part time MLM professional you need to be humble and avoid the temptations to take shortcuts. Learn your business! Learn your products! Most importantly, learn systems that replicate through a downline! If it doesn’t replicate, don’t do it!

  1. Full-Time: At this point you realize this is the best opportunity you have ever had! Keep GROWING! Change happens! You could lose a leader, or something else could impact your income. The problem with most MLM full-timers is they become complacent and lazy! Don’t!

  1. MLM Master: Now you are a recognized leader in your company and you have a significant downline that grows with or without you. Keep growing! Don’t stop working or learning! Help others get where you are!

  1. MLM GURU: This is where its no longer about you. Its about creating a legacy. Becoming an industry legend! Blessing the lives of many, instead of a few. You are financially independent, you keep working because you realize that true success only comes when your people are successful!