Four Ways Parents Can Get Their Children on the Right Career Track (Hint: It’s Not Always a College Degree)

As a Former College Instructor and Professional Educator, I am amazed at how much time we spend teaching our children how to make a living, and how little we teach them about managing their wealth and expanding their opportunities.

I believe this is because the system is designed like a factory assembly line. Put the child in one side, and 13 years later he is supposed to come out “College Ready”.

The only problem is, 95% of our children will never graduate from a College. If you had a system that only guaranteed a 5% success rate, how much would YOU invest in it!

The fact of the matter is, most of our children would be better served if they could start working as soon as they discover that they want to do something else, besides attending college.

At the age of 13-14, I think most children are there. Why not allow these teens to work full-time instead of wasting away four more years of their life in a high school classroom?

Society would be much better served if we focused on the child instead of propping up a system with a 5% success rate.

So, here are four things I recommend to parents as they consider their children’s education:

1. Parents can teach their children skills that they have perfected themselves, if that is what the child wishes to learn.

2. Parents should opt for high schools that have vocational training as well as academic training.

The world needs auto-mechanics, carpenters, electricians, etc. more than it needs high school or college dropouts.


3. Parents should have their children take an Interest Inventory test, as well as a full battery of Intelligence and Aptitude Tests to see where they excel.


4. Parents should help the child develop meaningful work opportunities that align with their interests and aptitude.


Your child should be as passionate about his or her future as you are! You can make money doing anything, as long as you have the passion to be the best at what you do! People making choices are far more successful than others choosing for them!

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