Can You Tell an Real Opportunity from a Scam?

Unfortunately, the world is filled with confidence men and women that can literally persuade you to part with your money with a smile or a handshake.

I have had many clients over the years that have come to me after they lost their life savings, hoping I could help them get it back. In almost every case, the most the person could hope for was an arrest of a criminal. Their money was long gone.

Here are 8 ways to avoid being the victim of a scam:

1. Get the name of the individual. Ask to see a photo ID. If they hesitate, run!

2. Call your local police to see if the person has a criminal record.

3. IF you are spending a large amount of money, hire a professional to do a background check on the person.

4. Tell them you want to see their tax returns. If they tell you they made millions, but only show a fraction of that in income, they are lying.

5. NEVER meet with them at your home without another person present. Ask them where their office is. Then schedule an appointment.

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6. Talk to other tenants in their office building to see if they know how long the person has been renting. Scammers don’t stay at one location very long.

7. ASK for References! Get 5-7 references and call them all! If none of the references have known the individual more than a few weeks or months, run!

8. Get Business References! Bank references, Vendors, Creditors etc.!


Remember, if they have nothing to hide, they will hide nothing!

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