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This article will provide an in-depth analysis of each auto maker logo (badge/ emblem). It will show that they all can be traced back to three ancient esoteric symbols for the sun, and ancient Egypt. Those in control during ancient times are still in control now, and they insist on bombarding us with these symbols. Modern "Sun worship" is nothing more than a thin veneer for Luciferianism, who is represented by the sun, all-seeing eye of Horus, etc. I believe that this symbolism is a message to their slaves that they own everything in the material world. There is nowhere to run.

There are 3 basic shapes of sun/Lucifer symbolism found in the auto brand logos:

      1) Sun in The Cross
      2) Triangle/pyramid with all-seeing eye (Covered in part 2)
      3) Winged Solar-disk (Covered in part 3)

What might be confusing is the dual meaning of the Sun/cross symbolism. While Christians think of Jesus Christ, Luciferians and Occultists are thinking of something totally different. Even though both groups are looking at the same symbolism. For example, the constellations:

   From the Summer Solstice (June 21) until the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), the sun is losing itís strength, i.e. dying, and days are getting shorter. By 12/22 the sunís demise is fully realized, and it hits the lowest point in the sky. The sun stops moving south (perceivably) for 3 days. During these 3 days, the sun resides in the constellation of the Southern Cross.

    After these 3 days, on 12/25, the sun moves 1 degree north, beginning longer days. Therefore, the sun died on a cross (dead for 3 days) and was born again or resurrected on 12/25 (Christmas).  (Source: "Zeitgeist )

In reality, the death of the sun has nothing to do with Christianity. It symbolizes the death of the Egyptian god Osiris (Sun-god)  by the hands of Set (Satan) and his temporary resurrection by Isis.
Illuminati Symbolism: The Auto Industry
Next comes the legend of the three kings, which also has a dual meaning. One for Christians and one for Luciferians:

"Relevant to this is the ancient legend of the lost continent Atlantis, in which there existed a model society in complete harmony ruled over by seven kings; another three kings in the Atlantean league ruled over Europe, Asia and Africa. The league was broken when the seven kings of Atlantis decided to conquer the other three continents."

If we simplify this. Atlantis represents the peak of mankind's wisdom. The Three "Wise-men (kings)" of Atlantis will lead mankind to the worship of Lucifer (represented by the sun stopping for three days in the Southern Cross constellation).
The Star Sirius also plays a dominant role with the occult:

"Shining as the brightest star in our heavens, the Egyptians based their entire calendar on the movement of this sacred star. It was already indicated that he Great Pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius so that the star would shine through the hole to the Queen's Chamber at a precise moment. Esoteric writings indicate that the light shining through the shaft was meant to impart the starlight of Sirius to an initiate during a ritual. (source)

More specifically, Sirius represents the Phoenix rising:

"Crowley was not only involved in the OTO but was also a member of an arcane secret society known as the A:.A:. (Argenteum Astrum) or the Order of the Silver Star. The "silver star" referred to is Sirius itself, the most prominent in the heavens and positioned as the chief star in the ancient constellation "Phoenix". The ancient Assyrians and Phoenicians both derive their name from this legacy." (Ibid)

Because it represents the power of regeneration, Crowley ties the worship of Sirius into the practice of Sex Magick. That is, the belief that revelation from Lucifer during the sex act would be strongest when Sirius dominated the night sky (the "dog days of summer")

"It was in this sense that Crowley and the ancients who worshipped Sirius were worshipping the light of creation. Sirius was the brightest star, therefore it reflected the most light and was the most powerful."

It is also important to understand that the Southern cross itself represents the Egyptian Ankh, displayed here:
"Also known as the Egyptian Cross, the Key of the Nile, the Looped Tau Cross, and the Ansate Cross. It was an Ancient Egyptian symbol of life and fertility" (source)

So, in essence, the Southern Cross (ankh) represents the point where the sun god dies and is regenerated through the power of Sirius or "Sex Magick". The three kings are representative of mankind's search for wisdom through the power of Lucifer (the angel of light). Now, lets look at some of the logos in used in the auto industry:

One more thing. The Zodiac symbolizes the sun god's (Lucifer's)  journey through the heavens:

Notice the "sun god" stopping in the Southern Cross (which can also symbolize Sirius, or sex magick)
Note the sun-god, (Lucifer) at the center
Perhaps an upside down Christian cross?
Note the Southern Cross inside the logo. The wreath appears to be the sun-god.
Or, taken together, they also represent Saturn (Satan). Or Both.
Note the "Southern Cross" separating the shield with the shield outline representing the sun. Also the red shield (Rothschild) and black shield. Is the black horse one of the four horses of the apocalypse? I quote the following:  "Porsche, once associated with common vehicles instead of stylish roadsters, found its start as Volkswagen. Ferdinand Porsche founded the company and worked with none other than Adolf Hitler to design a cheap and sturdy vehicle, the Volkswagen Beetle, which became the most mass-produced vehicle of all time. The Beetle was constructed by prisoners of the Nazi regime. The automobile was commonly driven by members of the Third Reich."  (source)
Note the "Southern cross" and the circular sun. Also, ringed by Saturn.
Sirius and the Southern Cross, sun disk motif and Ring of Saturn.
The two ellipses form a cross. One ring representing Saturn the other the sun god.
Nice "Southern Cross" with the sun god represented by the color inside the cross.
This one has it all. The "Southern Cross", Horus/Lucifer/sun-god and Satan/Set represented by the snake devouring mankind.
A Picture is worth a Thousand Words:
We've got the Southern Cross and the sun disk going here. The Nazis were heavily into the Occult and funded by the Illuminati.
Nothing to see here folks. Move along... This article was suggested by a gentleman who posted
much of the above in my forum. He will share in any revenue generated from the ads on this page. (Alex Jones are you listening?)