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*Note: Due to our "New Arrangement" Comments and older articles will appear on the "Dead Man Musings" Forum.

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The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion

The Avatar movie is just the latest installment from Hollywood to move us closer to
accepting the Global Elite's psychopathic religious beliefs.

Plato, the Greek philosopher, taught that there are 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air
and Aether (Ether). The last element, Aether, can best be described as pure energy or light.
It is the stuff of the eternities.

Gnosticism, the religious belief of the Knights Templar, holds that mankind is
nothing more or less than Aether trapped in a physical world and held there by
Satan (they called him the demi-urge). Through multiple reincarnations, they held,
a man or woman could become purified and ultimately freed from the other elements.

New Age religions call those with perfect Aether content, ascendant masters. George
Bush referred to them as his 1,000 points of light. They include Buddha, Christ, Mohammed,
etc. Gnosticism holds that all light will be returned to Logos, or God, and exist as
mass consciousness free from the limitations of the physical elements. One mind as it were.

These beliefs form the foundation of the Nicene Creed. The Emperor Constantine is held up as a
"Philosopher King", but he was also a Gnostic. Catholics and Protestants both adhere to the belief
that there is no physical resurrection. Their creeds teach that we ultimately abandon the
elements and become one with the mind of Christ (Logos). This is contrary to the beliefs of
early Christians and Biblical scriptures, which teach that Jesus was resurrected with a physical
body and we will do the same.
The Knights Templar, after being cut off from the Catholic Church, replaced Christ as "Logos"
with Lucifer, "The Light Bearer". God, they felt, had rejected them, so they formed an alliance
with the enemy of God.

Luciferianism is the belief that Lucifer is the highest intelligence in the eternities. He is the
father of wisdom, science and philosophy. Like the Greek god Prometheus, he gave these things
unto man contrary to the decrees of God. Prometheus was punished by Zeus by being chained
to a rock while a bird of prey ate his liver (which would regrow daily).

Eventually, the "hero", Hercules freed Prometheus. The Illuminati believe that they, like Hercules
will also free Lucifer from his punishment for giving unto man "wisdom", science and philosophy.
To the Illuminati, the serpent who gave unto Adam and Eve the fruit of the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil, is a hero and not a villain.

The Knights Templar created "Free-Masonry" and "Free Masonry" created the Illuminati (formerly
the Rosicrucians). The Illuminati claim to be the Saviors of mankind with their gifts of reason,
science and philosophy. But, they are still Gnostics.

They are also Satanists. In Gnosticism, the "Demi-Urge" was Aether that got trapped in the
elements we now refer to as earth. It is the Demi-urge's desire that we should remained trapped
with him eternally.  This is the being the Illuminati worship as Satan, a separate and distinct entity from

This religious belief is not a new one. It has its roots in the Babylonian and Egyptian mystery
religions. In Babylon, Nimrod, the mighty hunter of the people of the Lord, was the enemy of God.
He waged eternal warfare with God's followers on earth (the City of Salem under Melchizedek). He
also swore to build a tower so high that it would allow him entrance into the kingdom of God, where
he promised to slay God.

Melchizedek is also known as Shem, the righteous son of Noah. He reportedly slew Nimrod in
battle and cut his body into pieces. He then sent those pieces to the far reaches of Nimrod's empire
to show that God was still more powerful than man.

Nimrod's wife was Queen Semiramis. She was the mother of harlots in Babylon. Nimrod was the great
oppressor of mankind. Semiramus, heavily involved in "sex majic" became pregnant with an illegitimate
son after Nimrod's death. She falsely claimed that Nimrod himself had impregnated her from beyond the
grave and that the child had no earthly father.

Without a doubt, she did this to save her own life and the life of her bastard son. She deified Nimrod and
was herself deified, along with her son.

Interestingly enough, Nimrod founded both Babylon and Assyria. One city (Babylon) was known for its
sexual abominations and the other (Ninevah) for its cold-blooded murders. Nimrod was worshipped as
Baal, Bel, Molech etc.  Nimrod was also worshipped as the god of the sun. Semiramis was worshipped
as the goddess of the moon. She is also known as Ashteroth or Asherah (The Queen of Heaven).

The "savior" son was named Tammuz who was slain by a wild boar, but returns from the underworld each

Some have tried to argue that these systems of religion form the basis for Christianity. I
believe the exact opposite. True Christianity was practiced by Adam, Noah, Enoch and Melchizedek. The
Babylonian mystery religions are a cheap Satanic counterfeit of True Christianity.

The Avatar, master over the elements, is really Lucifer, the angel of light. Just as the Avatar has power
over the 4 elements, Lucifer has power over Satan (also known as the Demi-urge). According to the
Illuminati, he will ultimately free us from the physical elements so that we can merge with him as one
collective consciousness.

Maitreya also claims the title of "Avatar". He is admittedly the servant of Lucifer inasmuch as his
movement's founder, Benjamin Creme, is an admitted Luciferian. Just like Nimrod was a Luciferian-
Satanist and his wife as well.

NEXT: More on the Avatar, Maitreya and the Illuminati Globalist Religion

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"Dead Man Musings"

Paul A Drockton M.A.
Musings of a Dead Man
Paul A Drockton M.A.

One of a Handful in the world to score perfect scores on various, professionally administered, IQ Tests.

"Dead Man Musings"

Paul A Drockton M.A.
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