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Maitreya and the coming Global Religion
"He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah."  (Source)....

"At this time of great political, economic and social crisis Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation.

He will launch a call to action to save the millions of people who starve to death every year in a world of plenty. Among Maitreya's recommendations will be a shift in social priorities so that adequate food, housing, clothing, education, and medical care become universal rights.

Under Maitreya's inspiration, humanity itself will make the required changes and create a saner and more just world for all."  (Ibid.)
So reads the website of "Share International", a United Nations sponsored Organization. Founded by one Benjamin Creme. He is extremely wealthy and published "Share magazine" in which he claims to be "telepathically" connected to the World  Teacher Maitreya. He is also an Illuminist who worships Lucifer:

"He first began to speak publicly of his mission on May 30th, 1975, at the Friends Meeting House on Euston Road in London, England. On some of his radio show interviews, he generated controversy by alleged positive remarks about Lucifer. Creme explained that he was not endorsing the Devil but pointing out a misinterpretation in terminology, he stated "Lucifer is the name of a great Angel, not an upstart in heaven who revolted against God and was put down into the nether regions as the Devil. That is a complete misinterpretation. Lucifer means light, and comes from the Latin lux, lucis, meaning light. It is the name of the Angel Who ensouls the human kingdom..."

The Illuminati believe that all intelligence (ether) will one day be reunited with their god Lucifer (the "Light Bearer"). They believe in "mass consciousness" or the uniting of all of mankind telepathically. To understand this concept you have to understand the "New Age/Luciferian" principal of  spiritual vibration. This is the belief that all things vibrate at some frequency. They believe If we can all vibrate at the same frequency we can become one spiritually and mentally. Of course this would be more for controlling us and not for our benefit.

One way the Illuminati seek to accomplish this "mass consciousness" is through altering our collective DNA. This concept is from the ancient worship of Set, whereby participants indulged in the cannibalism of the same victim and were purportedly able to read each other's minds as a result.  I believe that this is why we are being fed bio-engineered food (with human DNA!).  
"Creme stated that when the "Day of Declaration" occurs, "The Christ will come on the world's television channels, linked together by satellite. All those with access to television will see... [His face]. He will establish a telepathic rapport with all humanity simultaneously". While the Christ is speaking... [everyone will feel far more love than they've ever felt before, that massive outpouring of love will cause] hundreds of thousands of 'miracle' cures will take place simultaneously."  (source)
As far as the healings go, the Illuminati are the masters of deception. I am sure many of their dupes will come forward and claim to be healed from numerous fictitious diseases. The telepathic thing, however, is much more difficult to fake. Again, I believe that the same human's DNA in our bio-engineered food is designed to solve this problem.

The other sign that will come with Maitreya is a bright star that is visible everywhere in the world. This commercial appeared on CNN in early 2009.
Perhaps this will be a man-made creation using HAARP (bouncing energy off the ionosphere). Or, perhaps it will be an astronomical event that is foreknown by the Illuminati. Either way, it is designed to deceive.  Oh, and by the way, his appearance will follow a global stock market collapse...
I will write more on this subject in my next article. If you would like to comment or discuss this article in more detail please visit the Dead Man Musings Forum (Link on the Left Sidebar)
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